Resolving your Citation

Follow the Directions on Your Citation

The first step is to read the instructions printed on your citation. The citation contains a lot of helpful information for resolving your citation. If you are a Juvenile, please refer to the Youth Offenders page for information on resolving your citation.

Response Date

The date printed on your citation IS A COURT DATE. You have until this date to request defensive driving, a deferral, payment plan or an extension. The only the person who received the citation can enter a plea to the citation.

Request a Court Appearance

The Municipal Judge is only available during Court session times. If you wish to speak with the Judge concerning your case(s), you must come to the court date listed on your citation. 

You may also go under FORMS and request Defensive Driving, a Deferral, Show Proof of Insurance or to get an Extension.

You will not be able to resolve your citation without a court appearance if you:

  • are a Juvenile (under the age of 17)
  • are under the age of 21 and were charged with a tobacco, vaping/e-cigarette, or alcohol related offense
  • were charged with an offense involving family violence

You must enter your plea before the Judge in open court.

Fail to Maintain Financial Responsibility Offenses (No Insurance)

Per The Texas Transportation Code, Article 601.193, proof of insurance may be submitted to the Court for dismissal of a citation. The insurance must be valid at the date and time that the offense is alleged to have occurred.  

Failure to Appear

Should you fail to appear in the Municipal Court by the date indicated on your citation, you will receive a notice to appear for a Virtual Show Cause Hearing. You have the right to request an alternative date and time to appear for this hearing if you are unable to appear on the date and at the time indicated on this second notice. This request should be made in person at the Kemah Municipal Court.

If you fail to make a plea for each violation shown on your citation, a warrant may be issued for your arrest. For more information on warrants and how to resolve them, please contact the Municipal Court at 281-334-5910.