Municipal Court Administrator

The Municipal Court Administrator plans, organizes, and supervises the work of the administrative/court clerk. Makes monthly and quarterly reports to City and State Officials. Interprets laws and procedures to subordinates and the general public. They also:

  • Develop, implement, and enforce policies and procedures for the operation of the Municipal Court, including long and short-range plans.
  • Ensure that court systems, procedures, and practices comply with applicable laws, regulations, and administrative orders; Research, evaluate and make recommendations regarding the impact of new legislation on court processes and procedures.
  • Comprehend and make inferences from written material, including state statutes, Supreme Court rulings, City ordinances, administrative orders, letters, memos, policies, and procedures, to ensure the appropriate processes are in place.
  • Monitor and maintain the Municipal Court case management system to ensure proper data input and processing of information as well as accountability. Oversee the proper retention and disposition of court records.

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