What types of notifications and alerts can I sign up for?

Kemah provides several different types of notifications and alerts, each with a different purpose.  

Kemah Connect (powered by Blackboard Connect) is used primarily by the Kemah Police Department to notify subscribers of items with public safety implications. Kemah Connect uses automated phone calls, texts  and emails to provide information such as weather situations, event-related traffic issues, Amber Alerts, etc. These may be issued at any time of the day or night since the Police Department is always on duty.  You have to create a Kemah Connect account to Sign up for these calls.

This website has a Notify Me function that uses Notifications to send subscribers particular types of data, such as News Flashes, City Council Agendas, Job Opportunities, etc. These emails or text (SMS) messages will normally be sent out during normal City Hall work hours. In critical situations, such as hurricanes, Alert will be posted to the Website and Notifications (as subscribed to in the Alert Center or Notify Me page) will be sent via email or text message as necessary.  These Alert Notifications will be in addition to automated Kemah Connect Calls.  Creating an account on the website is optional to sign up for Notifications.  Also, the Kemah Connect account is different that the Notification (website) account.

Some types of  messages will be duplicated in the two systems to ensure maximum coverage.

More information is available in other FAQs. 

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