Kemah's Form of Government

Kemah is a Type A General Law municipality in Texas. Type A cities operate under the aldermanic form of government, where the term "alderman" is often used interchangeably with "city council." The Kemah City Council's size is determined based on whether the city is divided into wards or special districts. Since there are no wards, the council comprises the mayor and five council members (if a city is divided into wards, the council has a mayor and two council members from each ward.) The mayor only votes in case of a tie (except in elections), and a quorum consists of a majority of council members for general business and two-thirds of the council for a special/called meeting or a meeting concerning taxation. 

Type A city council members serve two-year terms of office. At the first meeting of each new governing body, the council must elect one of its members as the mayor pro tem for a one-year term. The mayor pro tem continues to vote but fills in for the mayor if they cannot act or refuse to act.

The Council’s job is to set policy, formulate the annual budget, and vote to approve or disapprove a variety of contracts and projects. Council members are “at large,” meaning each member represents the entire city, not a specific precinct.

The Mayor and Council appoint a City Administrator to carry out the day-to-day administrative functions of the government. 

Meet the Mayor and  City Council
Meet the City Administrator