The Department of Finance manages and accounts for the City's financial resources. This department prepares and monitors the annual budget, invests city funds to protect assets, maintains fiscal liquidity and maximizes income in compliance with all governing financial and accounting laws.

In addition, the Department of Finance provides legislative support to the Finance/Executive Committee of the City Council, Department Administration and Executive Assistance.

The Director serves as the executive head of the Finance department and must manage and oversee all policies, procedures and employees therein. The Director is responsible for monitoring and improving the financial functions of the City through sound fiscal planning, reporting and management.

The Department of Finance serves as a strategic business partner to:

  • Promote actions to achieve the City's priorities
  • Manage all administrative functions for the Finance Department.
  • Provide excellent service to internal and external customers
  • Oversees, administers and optimizes departmental policies and procedures regarding Information technology, systems training, accounts payable, procurement, and human resources
  • Establish and maintain sound fiscal policies
  • Deliver a clear and accurate picture of the City's current and future financial position
  • Improve the effectiveness, efficiency, and integration of the City's business processes
  • Proactively report on, analyze, and recommend actions for improvement

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